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Family Law

Handling Your Family Law Needs

Family Matters and Mediation Services

Whether you need representation for a divorce hearing or an adoption case, our professional team of legal staff are ready to apply the family law to your case and help you win. Take immediate action by trusting our office to become your professional litigator and fight for you.


We have been specializing in family law since 1993, and we understand there are some heartache and emotional responses to these situations. Attorney Breckenridge dedicates his time for working with you personally and fulfilling your best interests to make this process as smooth and quick as possible.

Guidance in the following areas:

• Child custody / visitation

• Child support / spousal maintenance

• Divorce

• Paternity law / adoption law / juvenile law


We have legal staff on hand that are trained as family law mediators. We offer these mediation services to our clients to help avoid the courtroom, if possible.

Compassion and understanding throughout your whole family law case.


Need mediation? Try to settle your differences

outside of the courtroom.


Compassion and Understanding Every Step of

the Way